Rockingham County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 13, 2006
Author: Brian Bockhahn

Relatively easy (15) 1040+ contour areas in northwestern part of county. Arm yourself with a Delorme and topo maps. Most are an easy county highpoints, step or jump in yards, woods and fences.

For the six northern areas, take 220 north of 770 and exit at Smith Road. Turn right, then left onto 220 Business. Go north about 1.5 miles and turn right (east) onto Fulp Sawmill. Zero odometer. After about 0.1 mile, the sawmill clearing is on the north side of the road around the first three areas, extending to some back woods and fields. At 0.4 mile, urn right (east) onto SR 1535. At 0.8 mile, the fourth area appears as a small rise in woods on the north side of the road which is posted. At 1.3 miles, turn left onto Garret Road and take the first right on a gravel track to a radio tower on the fifth area. From here you have decent views east and you can see area six which looks higher. Another 0.3 mile further down Garret Road is the long contour on the south side of the road, with the high area appearing by the easternmost house -- newly built with inspection sign still up -- and its adjacent yard.

Andy’s book list four areas west and west-southwest of Victor Hill Church on the topo. From 770/220, go west on 770 for 5.9 miles turn left (south) on Thornton Road, to the first area in a yard just southeast of the intersection. A short distance south on Thornton Road is the second area. The HP of the second area is in the woods to the left (east) of the gravel road (shown on the top) that leads over that contour. The map makes this one hard to see since a double dotted line runs over it. Back on 770, go east 0.2 mile and turn north onto Local Road. At 0.6 mile, the third area is a rise on east side of road in field. Continue 0.2 mile and turn left on Victor Hill Church road entering large 1040 contour, road becomes gravel and after 0.2 mile the fourth area is the highest point on the south side in a field.

For the next five areas, continue on Victor Hill Church Road entering Stokes County to its end. Turn right (north) onto paved 1631 and zero odometer. The lonely, quiet, dirt road is posted on both sides but the signs are dilapidated and the fence non-intimidating. At the county line, the road becomes gravel and at 0.6 mile the first area is to on the north side of the road east of a driveway. From 0.8 - 0.9 mile farther, the second and third areas rise on the north side, one at a gated gravel road with large trash on top. This looks like the highest of the five areas. To the south, the fourth area is a miniscule 1040-foot contour not worth the muddy walk. The fifth area has a new house built on top at 1.0 mile.