Rutherford County High Point Trip Report

Sugarloaf Mtn - USGS BM Clow (3,965 ft)

Date: December 17, 2002
Authors: Trapper Robbins & Roxanne Everett

From I-26, take Route 64 exit (zero odometer). Drive northeast on Route 64 and turn right (southeast) on Gilliam Mountain Road (7.2 miles). Then left on Bald Rock Road (8.1 miles). Straight (left) at stop sign onto Sugarloaf Mountain Road (11.0 miles). Left (north) on dirt Sugarloaf Mountain Road at junction with World's Edge Road (12.1 miles). Gate at end of dirt road (14.8 miles). Note: From Highway 64, do NOT take Hog Rock Road (shown in DeLorme as "Hogback Road"). This dirt road is gated about 1 mile from Route 64.

There is a group of wonderful old stone houses surrounding a field at around 3600 feet on the approach road before the gate. The home at the end of the road was not occupied. However, the prominent house inside the road loop at the south end of the field was clearly in use so we stopped there. An older woman answered and said it would be OK for us to walk up the dirt road to the top (as long as we parked well away from the gate).

The gate is old and non-intimidating; there was an old and illegible sign on it. As you walk up this dirt road, you cross a second equally non-threatening gate. Follow the road a half mile or so to the top. The summit area is occupied by a low FAA "milk-bottle" style tower. The BM is outside the low wood fence (which has very threatening signs on it). The area inside the fence was obviously modified for the FAA facility; an equally high area with a few rocks is outside the fence. The summit has an excellent view in all directions; Smokies visible to the west.