Surry County High Point Trip Report

Fisher Pk (3,580+ ft)

Date: November 14, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

This is a virtual twofer with Carroll VA. From the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP), go north 3.6 miles from the NC/VA state line, or 2.6 miles from the VA 89 overpass, to an unmarked dirt road on the right. This road is north of BRP milepost 214. After 150' on the dirt road, go right on Fishers Peak Road. Almost immediately bear left through a gate onto a gray stone road. It's passable by passenger cars to a gate at 2.9 miles, but gets very rough the last 1/4 mile. If frayed nerves or mud dictate stopping lower down, park at about 2.6 miles, near the second major left turn made by the road in a 1/4 mile stretch.

The gate is posted with warnings of radiation hazards at the summit. Being past child-making age, I was willing to absorb a few microwaves. High ground is obvious. I looked for the state line monument shown on the topo to mark the Carroll VA liner high point, but found nothing. Round trip hike, with five minutes on top, was about 30 minutes.