Union County Highpoint Trip Report

five points on Matthews quad (780+ ft) - including BM Guan (785 ft)

Date: February 21, 2005
Author: Brennan Connelly

I took exit 52 off of I485 for SR1009 and followed it past the Union line to Potters Road (SR1357) and parked in the lot for Rocky's Steakhouse immediately to the right for #1.

Point #1, BM Guan: I found the witness marker on the telephone pole between #4320 (Rocky's) and the house just to the north but could not locate the BM which should have been on a cement post recessed 4 inches into the ground around 20 feet away. This 780-foot contour extends to the radio tower to the southwest behind the Winn Dixie plaza and to the north along SR1009 but, in my wanderings, the area around the BM seemed to be highest.

Point #2: Continue south on SR1357 to the first light with SR1364 and turn east and follow it for 0.2 mile to the sign for Construction Supply Company. The HP is somewhere around their building, although the ground has been disturbed pretty uniformly. No one bothered asking as to what I was doing wandering their property.

Point #3: Continue another 0.2 mile west on SR1364 and note a slight rise in a field to the south adjacent to #3590. I hopped the fence and tromped around on the high ground for a few moments. No one seemed to be at home.

Point #4: Continue west from #3 until the Mecklenburg line and turn into the New Family Life Center parking lot on the south side. The HP is at the large tree in the middle of the adjacent cemetery just inside the Union line.

Point #5: Head back east to Potters Road and turn north and follow it across SR1009. The road becomes SR1365. After 0.5 mile or so, turn left on Community Park Drive(SR1401) and follow it to a T-shaped intersection with West Circle (SR 1422). Turn left on West, and then left on East Circle (SR1419) and immediately park at the end of the cul-de-sac. The HP seemed to be in the front yard of #309.

From what I could tell from some quick hand-leveling, #1 and #5 seem to be the highest but it would be impossible to rule out the others without survey equipment. It took me about 45 minutes to hit all of the points. I don't think I missed anything but I'd welcome the findings of any future COHPers that would prove me wrong. I have no idea why someone had not already done these due to their ease of access and proximity to Charlotte.