Washington County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 8, 2006
Author: Brian Bockhahn

Bad bushwhack on flat lying terrain (LFT). Do it during a freak snowstorm, or freezing rain or something; even my neck was bleeding.

Area one - In southwestern Washington county, north of the county line on Long Ridge Road, turn left at the first gated gravel road. There is a posted sign for hunters and fisherman, I had no cell service to call but the number for the hunt club is 252-793-3491 or 252-793-3008. Drive west on the gravel road about 0.4 mile and park. From here, I went north through a small round clearing and into the fiery depths of an awful bushwhack. My GPS kept losing coverage but I made it out past and around the contour on map. No discernable rise except a few ridges with no discernable rise.

Area two - Back at the parking area for area one, I walked along the road until I found a wet ditch heading south to the southern contour of equally indiscernible rise. The day before it rained heavily so there were several inches of standing water in the ditch/old two-track but it was more manageable than the brushy areas and there was no briars. I came back with only one tick but wet feet. Amazingly I had lost my sunglasses somewhere out there and was able to retrace my steps and find them. Not a bushwhack I'd wanted to do twice. Don't pet the bears.

Area three - Further north on Long Ridge Road is this roadside LFT contour in an active cow pasture. The center farm house had cars but nobody home. Wish I'd brought a hand level but there was not much visible rise from the antenna near the cemetery all the way to the singlewide on the other side of the pasture.