Watauga County Highpoint Trip Report

Calloway Pk - Grandfather Mtn (5,964 ft)

Date: April 29, 2005
Author: Roy Schweiker

I used the Daniel Boone Scout Trail and was glad to have the notes from Jerry Brekhus as the signs and trail map did not agree with each other or with actual conditions. There were also half-mile posts of which I did not see 2.0 and I think 2.5 was more than half a mile from the summit (no 3.0 either).

Continued down 3 more ladders to Watauga View to be sure I got the HP; no view in fog. Not sure what Ron Tagliapietra means about "A bit beyond the summit is the Caldwell County HP (use trail map)"; if there was a county line marker I didn't see it.

It's a shame that such an outstanding place can't find a qualified volunteer to remap and resign the trails, or afford to pay a real cartographer (the fee is now up to $7/$14).