Wilson County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 9, 2006
Author: Brian Bockhahn

About a mile east of Connor or a mile west of 581 on New Sandy Hill Road, turn south onto Old Raleigh Road. At 0.1 mile, the high point is visible in the woods on the west side of the road. I parked at the metal gate and electric fence and waited a few minutes. I then drove a loop around looking for the owner to ask and came back to see the gate open. After a few minutes, the landowner's son drove out and gave me permission to hike to the high point. He was unaware of it being the high point, and suspected that Turkey Hill down by the creek was taller. I showed him the topo and he seemed quite proud. I opened and closed the metal gate and walked to the high point in the woods.

A herd of cows (waiting for food being brought by the farmer) came towards me quite aggressively, don't ever hop this fence! Call 252-235-4352 and ask for Jack for permission to visit this high point. They said the neighbors are very suspicious of parked vehicles. If the cows are at the metal gate, you could walk in the unfenced field from New Sandy Hill Road up towards the high point and jump the fence where the woods start and be right at the summit.