Yadkin County High Point Trip Report

USGS BM Click in Brushy Mountains (1,755 ft)

Date: November 14, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

From I-77 exit 79, take Business US 21 north. Signs on the interstate only mention US 21 south, but the northbound sign appears at the end of the exit ramp. Go north a little less than one mile to a left turn onto Howell School Road, and follow that road 2.2 miles to a left turn onto Pardue Hill Road. Park at the dead end.

Hike an old jeep road from the top of the dead end, which soon joins the dirt road shown on the topo. This dirt road is owned by a private hunt club, starts west of Pardue Hill Road, and is hard to spot from Howell School Road. Follow the dirt roads, as shown on the topo, all the way to the summit. The only remnants of the orchards shown on the topo are a few trees near the summit, and the area near spot elevation 1584 is now a grassy field. Highest ground is in the woods near the edge of the field on the summit plateau. I found an orange witness post, but no BM, despite twenty minutes spent prodding the area with a ski pole. There are also two triangular aluminum NC Geodetic Survey markers tacked to nearby trees. Regarding access, a resident on Pardue Hill Road advised that the hunt club is pretty tolerant of hikers, occasionally asking people to leave if hunting is ongoing. This was verified when two pickups passed me on the gravel road as I hiked downhill below spot elevation 1584. Both drivers gave me a friendly wave and continued on their way. One could drive almost all the way to the summit, but I suggest hiking the entire route to maintain our welcome on the mountain.