Bottineau County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 8, 2006
Author: Bob Schwab

I parked right at the roadís edge instead of driving in to the gate. There is now a beaver dam that has flooded the areas east of the garage (see Jobe Wymoreís report).

Once you get around the dam, head north along the eastern side of the pond for about 100+ feet, then find a trail of sorts that goes steeply up the hill. Once you gain the crest, you will find the grassy path that takes you north to the border. The border monument is still intact and there is some kind of booth (itís like an empty outhouse!) right there as well. The BM has apparently been destroyed but you can still see a concrete plug in the ground on the Canadian side. The 30 foot-wide clear cut canít be missed! This is another classic ND hike.