Burke County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 9, 2002
Authors: Julie Kawa, Pat Wymore, Jobe Wymore

From the junction of ND40 and ND50 just south of the small town of McGregor, North Dakota, set the odometer and head east on ND40/50 towards Powers Lake. At mile 7 the you'll come to an intersection were ND40 and ND50 go there separate ways, with ND40 heading north. Take the left and follow ND40 northward for 10.1 miles until a blue trailer is reached on the west (left) side of the road.

This is the trailer that is by the road in the northern part of Section 6. A communications tower is directly across the road on the other side near the area that has BM. At this point if you look west-northwest about a mile in the distance you'll be able to pick out a group of little hills that have brush growing on them. These are the spots you need to work your way out to and we decided to give the trailer a try when it came to gaining access.

We pulled into the driveway and the owner came out to meet us. We told him about the hobby and right away he granted us access. I would recommend this approach to people wanting to gain access in the future. He actually mentioned having us just drive on out to them through a series of field roads but the 12 inches of snow that had piled up the day before had some good snow drifts on the road directly behind his house. Nonetheless, we struck out west through the snow in the direction of the hills, crossed a fence line on the south end of a round pond after a half of a mile, eventually crossed another and then wrapped on up to the northern most area. The house near the center of Section 32 was easily visible from this spot and is abandoned. From there we lost a tiny bit of elevation and worked our way south a bit to the other hill a tiny ways away that had a nice sized porcupine on top.

The snow was deep but nice blue skies all around. Decent high point for ND. Followed our tracks through the snow the whole way back.