Burleigh County High Point Trip Report

six total areas on two separate maps

Date: March 29, 2002
Authors: Jobe Wymore, Pat Wymore, Julie Kawa

From the Junction of ND83 and ND36 just south of Wilkin, ND, set the odometer and head east for 4 miles till you reach a sloppy/muddy/rutted dirt road off to the right, by a cell tower. We lucked out since it had just got through snowing/raining and thus, the road was nice and juicy. We turned right onto the road and headed south up it as it gained a little bit of elevation, bashing through a few snow drifts along the way, and finally parking 0.4 mile later.

We set out at this point through a field to the east about a quarter of a mile until the far edge of it was reached along the edge of a ravine. Highest area is this first contour and is fairly obvious. For the second of the 6 areas we backtracked through the surprisingly not so muddy field to the 4WD and went another 0.2 mile and parked again. Slipped under the fence on the right side of the road to little bump in untilled field. Not muddy at all.

The final 4 areas are reached by continuing down the rotten road for another 0.4 mile until at mile 1 a road branches off to the left, after driving through a small lake that had formed in the center of an intersection. We turned left here and headed east another 0.2 mile until snow drifts had us spinning. The first of the last 4 points are reached by heading into field to the north a short ways, to an obvious rise about 120 yards away. Backtrack through a not-so-muddy field to your 4WD and this time head southward into another field that is split from the first by the road you are parked on. Head 100 yards south-southwest for the next spot and then to the south-southeast another 100, or so, yards to another, and then south 100 yards to the 6th and final spot. The first spot that you hit while walking south isn't even a contender. The middle is the highest of this group, even though I didn't hand level since laying down in damp fields didn't seem appealing at the time. The southernmost spot, when you're on it looking northward, you can't even make out the bottom of the cell towers that you passed by earlier. Don't even bother with it.