Dickey County High Point Trip Report

three areas in the eastern 1/2 of section 29-129N-66W (2240+ ft)

Date: October 23, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From ND 11 at the Dickey/McIntosh County line, go south on 66 Avenue SE (Dickey CR 9A). Turn left (east) at 5.1 miles onto 101 Street SE, as the highpoint ridge comes into view. Go left (north) at 6.1 miles, pass the abandoned town hall, shown on topo, then go right (east) at 7.1 miles. Park at 8.0 miles, just north of the northernmost area. Cross fenced, unposted pasture and climb knob. Nice view. Visit other bump about 100 feet to the south, which is very close in elevation.

For the southern two areas, drive to the T-intersection just ahead, and turn right (south) onto 68 Avenue SE. Go to plateau at 8.5 miles and see the twin-knobbed ridge to the west. Walk across fenced, unposted pasture to the two knobs. The southern knob appeared higher and is topped by a small cairn. Hand leveling to the northernmost area would require magnification. This highpoint was not available on Topozone at 1:25,000 scale.