Eddy County Highpoint Trip Report

The Devilís Thumb (1,764 ft)

Date: October 8, 2005
Author: Bob Schwab

This is one that you need to plan for ahead of time. There are no published trip reports -- probably because most visitors have stealthed this one so far. The Devil's Thumb is just down range from the ND National Guard Fire Training Center. You will see the gate to the facility roughly 1 mile west from the intersection of Routes 15 and 20. I parked roughly another mile west (that's 2+ miles west of the Route 15/Route 20 intersection) near a posted orange gate at some fence corners. The facility did not appear to be in use and the fact that cows were present in the fields was an indicator that they weren't shooting that day. The Devil's Thumb is about 1 mile south across the pastures and is very visible (as you will be also) from the road.

I found a phone number on the sign at the Fire Training Center (701-662-0200) which is the Adjutant General's office at Camp Grafton. Ask to speak to Operations. The lady I talked to said they train mostly with M-16s there and that permission can be obtained to hike in to the HP if they aren't active on the day you want to visit. I got permission -- which made the hike a lot less stressful.