Foster County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 29, 2002
Authors: Julie Kawa, Pat Wymore, Jobe Wymore

From the intersection of ND200, ND281 and ND52 in Carrington, ND head west on paved ND200/52 for 1 mile to paved 66 Avenue SE. Set the odometer and head south on 66 for 6.8 miles to the intersection with 4 Street SE which is a good dirt road. This is where you're going to have to take a right and set the odometer once again. At 1.1 miles later you'll cross over Pipestem Creek and then at mile 5 you'll reach another intersection, this time with a road breaking off to your left (south). Take a left here and ride the roller coaster road for 2 miles until in reaches ANOTHER intersection, this time with one that has a white trailer on the corner that has a lot of farm equipment. At this point you have just reached the Stutsman/Foster County Line and you need to take a right and head west along the County Line Road that you are now on. After going 0.1 mile, the main county line road swings to the south into Stutsman County but a lesser road continues west, hugging the line. Keep on this lesser/unposted road for another 0.4 mile as it curves a bit here and there and loses a tiny bit of elevation, and then has a lesser road breaking off to the right of it heading uphill. You need to turn on this lesser dirt road and follow it uphill till it reaches a break in a fence line (which is the Stutsman/Foster County Line) and drive on through. Immediately after passing through the fence open up the door and drag your foot. This is the westernmost of the 2 spots for Foster County. The summit area that you are on is adorned with all kinds of junk from an oversized tire rim to some kind of huge scouring/roller brush that is propped up on one end.

The second area is reached by getting out of the car and heading in a northeasterly direction for 150 yards, loosing a bit of elevation and then gaining it back, scooting under another fence line to final obvious highest rise. Hand leveling back and forth between spots was inconclusive.

Use 4WD for this one if wet. Clearance might be needed in a couple of spots also.