Grand Forks County High Point Trip Report

8 small areas - one has BM

Date: March 28, 2002
Authors: Pat Wymore, Julie Kawa, Jobe Wymore

The good thing about these 8 areas is that they're all so close to each other. No driving around from section to section. Just one small drive between areas.

From the junction of ND32 & ND15 hit the odometer and head north. After 11 miles you'll reach the junction with paved Neilson CO4. Turn right (east) on CO4. At mile 5 the Grand Forks County line will be reached and will be marked with a dirt road running north to south. This road is 49 Street/County Road 9 and you need to make a left onto it, going 0.4 mile to park. There is a good pull-out spot at this point.

Seven of the 8 areas are right in the vicinity and we struck out north-northeast to the obvious, elongated hill (area one). From there, over the top to two tiny areas by some nearby ponds. From looking at maps before hand, I thought these 2 areas might be a little wet since they are so close to the ponds but that wasn't the case; nice and dry.

The "Final 4" of the 7 seven areas are up in the trees to your left at this point. A barbed wire fence is going to have to be negotiated to access these spots. One contains BM Moraine 1967(?). The elongated contour that you hit first, along with the BM area, appeared to be the highest out of this group of possible areas.

The 8th, and final area is reached by continuing north from where you parked for another 0.6 mile. A faint road veering off to your right is here by a yield sign. We turned onto it as it quickly topped out in the middle of the 8th contour. We parked and walked the contour to the south about 75 yards and then to the north 60 yards. The northern part of the contour is definitely the highest of this spot.