Logan County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 7, 2002
Author: Dan Richardson

Turn off I-94 at exit 228 onto Highway 30 and go 17 miles south. Turn right on Hwy. 46. Even though you turn toward the west, it almost immediately curves back to the south; continue for another 7 miles to Highway 34. There are a couple access roads, but none get any closer than about a mile and half. I thought the easiest one was reached by going east on 34 for 5 miles and then south for 2 miles on the gravel road. The access is more of a worn down path into the fields than an actual road. It goes for almost a mile before reaching fenced-in pasture. You'll have to hoof it from here.

It's fairly easy to maintain your bearing, though, because you can walk right along the fence line right up to the cohp. As I said, it's around a mile and a half to the summit over open pasture land. There was a small stack of rocks on top that some previous visitor had placed there. There's a pretty great view in all directions. It was rainy when I was up there so the view was partially obscured but I'm sure you could see 20 - 30 miles in every direction.