Pembina County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 2002
Author: Dan Richardson

From I-29, take Hwy. 5 west through Cavalier and stop at Thompson's Cafe for some pretty good grub. Continue west for 11 miles. Turn south on Hwy. 32 and drive 5 miles to the tiny town of Mountain. Turn right on CR 3/88th Street NE and go west for 3 miles. This is where the pavement turns to gravel. Turn right onto a minimum maintenance road and go north for 2 miles. While you're out there scope out the enormous radar facility at the Air Force space debris tracking station just to the northeast.

You'll have to hike the remaining mile to the west, which follows a snowmobile trail. Pass the time by trying to figure how the shelled-out car got in the middle of trees to your left. It's a bit unclear exactly how far it is to reach a mile, but I assume that the tree line that separates the forest from the farmland marks the county line, and also the cohp.

I used a bit of Lobdellizing to ensure that I hit the point since it's not very evident where the point exactly is. The point sits on the side of a hill that peaks in Cavalier County.