Pembina County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 6, 2002
Authors: Jobe Wymore, Pat Wymore, Julie Kawa

From the junction of ND32, ND5 & CR6, set the odometer and head south on CR6. After going a mile, the pavement will turn into a decent gravel road. Just continue heading south until at mile 3 you'll come to a field road to your right/west, marked by a sign mentioning Wesca(?). It appears this is a big-time snowmobiling hangout and a good portion of your hike up the Pembina County HP is going to be on a snowmobile trail.

We turned right and drove down the field road for 0.4 mile until it became too overgrown to continue any farther. This is where we parked. From that point, just get out and continue on foot westward towards the tree-covered hills. There is going to be a fence line immediately to your left that you are going to be skirting the north side of. This fence line marks the Pembina/Cavalier County line. After about 200 yards the lesser dirt road you were on will turn into a bit of an ATV trail as it heads up into the woods. The fence line is still to your left. Just head up, staying on it as it gains elevation. Once it starts to level, about another 80 - 100 yards later, you have basically reached the corner of Pembina County and into the HP contour.

From here we left the ATV trail, into the brush/trees and started stomping around. We backtracked a little bit to the east to make sure we nabbed a bit of ground and then farther west just to make sure that we crossed the county line somewhere along the way. If you were to continue on the ATV trail westward a bit farther, it starts to fall away a tiny bit into a little draw shown on the topo. Anyway, we did our best to make sure we got it.

Round trip on this one took us 45 - 50 minutes.