Ramsey County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 28, 2002
Author: Dan Richardson

I wanted to check out what constituted a "mountain" in the barren plain of North Dakota so I headed over to Devil's Lake Mountain in Ramsey and Blue Mountain in adjacent Nelson County. While they weren't exactly the Rockies, they do definitely jut out of the surrounding landscape.

It's easiest to go to Devil's Lake Mountain first because it's a more direct route. Take U.S. Highway 2 to Doyon, halfway between the town of Devil's Lake and Lakota. A mile west will get you to CR 4. Go 8.5 miles south. You can't miss the mountain off to your left and the cohp if fairly easy to pick out. You'll have to walk about a half mile through open pasture to reach it. From the summit you can clearly see Blue Mountain (Nelson County's highpoint) off to the east about 4-5 miles.