Richland County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 22, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From ND 11 at the west side of Hankinson, go south, with occasional jogs west, on CR 21 for 3.2 miles. At this point the road turns due west for 1.2 miles, where CR 21 turns south and CR 21W continues west. Delorme incorrectly shows CR 21 continuing due west. Go 3.1 miles west on CR 21W and reach the crossroads shown on the topo between the two highpoint areas. As you park, the landowner (renter, actually) will pull behind you in a semi and ask what you are doing. He was surprised and pleased to find out about the highpoints and to have someone come from NJ to visit. Permission granted.

Do the open grassy knob southwest of the intersection first. It's easier and gives an excellent view of the northeast area. The northeast area is reached by working through a cornfield, then walking the ridge to high ground.

Avoid the temptation to shortcut north back to ND 11, as the roads all seem to peter out in the Wildlife Management area to the north.