Rolette County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 7, 2002
Authors: Pat Wymore, Julie Kawa, Jobe Wymore

From the junction of ND5 and ND3/ND281 in the town of Dunseith, North Dakota, set the odometer and head north on ND3/281. After 12.1 miles you'll come to an intersection with a dirt road to your right, heading east. Take a right here and after going 0.6 mile down the road, we pulled over and parked to the side.

The HP from here is north-northeast about 1/2 mile across an unposted field in a woody area that makes up the northern boundary of the field. We struck out through the grassy field and crossed through a barbed wire fence that ran along the edge of the tree line. From there, we wandered up to high ground maneuvering through brush and trees. The BM was not located but where it might have been placed, a nice hole remained. High ground is obvious. Easy HP.