Sheridan County High Point Trip Report

Prophets Mtn - two areas of 2,250+ ft (one with BM 2249)

Date: March 29, 2002
Authors: Jobe Wymore, Pat Wymore, Julie Kawa

From looking at maps before hand I knew that if things were real soggy in ND that this wasn't going to be one of the ones that we're going to try for. Come to find out, with making such good time we decided to give it a shot anyway even though things were a little juicy.

From the junction of ND41/200 and McLean CO33 take CR33 north. After 0.2 mile the main drag will bend to your left and at 0.4 mile it will bend back to the right and head north. Continue north until at mile 3.1 you'll reach an intersection with a good gravel road. Set the odometer here once again and begin your drive eastward towards the "Prophets". The gravel road will skirt along the edge of a pond at 0.9 mile and immediately after, at mile 1, reach a T-intersection. Take a right and head south for 100 yards until a fainter dirt road branches off to the left, climbing upwards. 4WD is mandatory on this one if it is sloppy and high clearance wouldn't hurt even if it isn't. After driving on this dirt road for a mile eastward you'll come to an intersection with another lesser dirt road running north to south along the McLean/Sheridan County Line. Continue going east on the dirt road you were on, into Sheridan County. At mile 2.7 you'll reach a Y-intersection in the road where you need to stay to the right. You'll hit another Y-intersection at mile 2.9 and this time take the left fork. At mile 3.6 a faint road branches off to the left but continue straight on the road you are on. The road at this point has been gaining elevation and levels out a bit shortly after at mile 3.7. This is where we parked. Power lines are due east of you from here.

From this point you'll notice a fence line to the north of you and north is the direction you want to head. Actually north-northeast, towards the rise about 300 yards away that, if you look close enough, you can make out a rod poking out of the summit. This is actually the southernmost of the 2 areas and it is easy walking through short grass and dirt to the top. BM Thom 1941 is near summit with a green fence post close by.

The second and final area is still farther north a bit from you at this point and we hand leveled from here (with magnification) over to it since it's roughly 1/2 mile away. It's a bit distinct and a blue shed is off to the east of it. We walked over, following cow trails here and there and finally topping out on it a few minutes later. Hand-leveling and back-sighting proves this one a bit lower. Your choice, if you want to go to it or not.

Returned same way all the way out to the main road.