Stark County High Point Trip Report

one area with Brown BM (3,061 ft)

Date: May 4, 2002
Authors: Jobe Wymore, Pat Wymore, Julie Kawa

First of all, Andy Martin's book reads that this one should only have one area. After looking at the New England NW quad I noticed a small, second area just northeast of BM Brown. We visited both.

From the intersection of ND85 and ND21 set the odometer and head east on ND21 for 9.8 miles to a dirt road that will be heading north. It will have a silver mailbox and a stop sign by it. Set the odometer one more time and take a left heading north on this decent dirt road. After 7.1 miles, the road will come to a T- intersection. Take a right and follow the road as it curves to the north a short time later. At this point the road will be marked 120R Avenue SW. At mile 10.4, this main dirt road will curve to the west and a lesser dirt road will continue heading north. Take this lesser dirt road and immediately after you'll reach a 4-way intersection. Take a right here passing an abandoned farmhouse 0.2 mile later and then at mile 11.3 from when you left pavement, the road will curve a little to the right as it wraps around the hill that contains BM Brown. This is where we parked off the side of the dirt road.

We rolled under the unposted barbed wire fence and then hiked steeply up to the top of the hill. The elevation gain is only about 150 vertical feet and once on top you'll notice a cairn that was already built on the southeast edge; not on the HP area though. BM Brown 1951 is easily spotted and the 2nd area I talked noted will be obvious 150 feet to the northeast. After walking over to the second area it almost appeared it might be higher than the BM area. Hit 'em both!