Towner County Highpoint Trip Report

nine areas (1,780+ feet)

Date: September 17, 2008
Author: Bill Schuler

Rolla NE Quad - eight areas in sections 6/18/19/30
Rolla Quad - one area in SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of section 19
DeLorme Atlas page 15-C9

The route I took begins in Rolla and travels basically in a circle around 8 of the 9 points, numbered from north to south, getting as close as possible to each and getting permission from some owners when possible. All contacts were skeptical but friendly.

After leaving the paved highway, all roads and tracks are dirt and some require a high clearance vehicle. Don’t try it after a heavy rain. My route may not be the most efficient but it worked. I made many false turns so feel free to vary it. The trip can also be done in reverse order. The 9th area is south of the main group and separated by US-281. Most fields were fallow or planted with low wheat with a few hayfields sprinkled in.

From Main Street (ND-5) and 1st Street (ND-30) in Rolla, zero your odometer.

0.0   ND-5 at ND-30 in Rolla – Go northwest on ND-30.
3.0   ND-30 (48th Avenue NE) turns right – Turn right (north).
9.0   108th Street NE – Turn right (east).

12.0 51st Avenue NE – Turn right (south) –
        All roads are dirt from here on and most are not signed.
13.0 107th Street NE – Turn left (east).
17.0 55th Avenue NE – Turn right (south).
18.0 106th Street NE – Turn right (west).
18.8 Park.

Hiked south about 0.4 mile across a fallow field to Area #1 in Section 18. Return to the vehicle, turn around and go east on 106th Street NE.

21.6 57th Avenue NE – Turn right (south).
24.6 103rd Street NE – Turn right (west).
26.6 55th Avenue NE – Turn right (north).
27.6 104th Street NE – Turn left (west).
28.3 Park.

Hike North 0.2 mile to Area #2. Go north-northwest 0.4 mile over a bump to Area #3. Go south 0.5 mile to Area #4, again over the bump. Complete the loop by going 0.3 mile southeast to your vehicle. Areas #2, #3 and #4 are in Section 19.

Back at the car, replenish your fluids and hike south 0.2 mile to Area #5. Return to your vehicle and drive.

28.3 104th Street NE – Go straight ahead (west).
28.6 54th Avenue NE – Turn left (south).
29.1 High point in the road – Park.

Area #6 is just to the left (east) about 200 feet into the pasture. Areas #5 and #6 are in Section 30. Return to your vehicle.

29.1 54th Avenue NE – Continue straight ahead (south).
30.8 Park.

Area #7 is 200 feet left (east). From Area 7 , hike about 0.3 mile southeast to Area #8, then go west 0.3 mile to the road (54th Ave.) and north 0.1 mile back to your vehicle. A n easy loop. Areas #7 and #8 are in Section 6.

30.8 54th Avenue NE – Continue straight ahead (south).
32.6 US-281 – Paved – Turn left (east).
33.6 55th Avenue NE – Dirt –Turn right (south).
34.6 99th Street NE – Turn right (west).
35.2 Park.

Hike South 0.4 mile over a bump to Area #9. Return the way you came.

That’s it. You’ve got Towner County.

GPS Coordinates – D-M-S NAD83 datum

Area #1 N48-56-42 W99-31-24
Area #2 N48-55-26 W99-31-10
Area #3 N48-55-43 W99-31-22
Area #4 N48-55-24 W99-31-25
Area #5 N48-55-04 W99-31-15
Area #6 N48-54-04 W99-31-31
Area #7 N48-53-13 W99-31-15
Area #8 N48-53-18 W99-31-29
Area #9 N48-50-35 W99-30-57