Wells County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 29, 2002
Authors: Julie Kawa, Pat Wymore, Jobe Wymore

At the junction of ND36 and ND3, a little east of Tuttle, North Dakota, head north on ND3 12 miles to an intersection with a dirt road that has an orange house on the corner. Set the odometer and head east on the decent dirt road. After going 2.1 miles the road will gently veer to the northeast as it wraps around Senior Lake until a T-intersection is reached at mile 3.1. The main track sort of flows out of the T-intersection and takes you northward. Stay on the main track as it heads northward and then curves east. Finally at mile 3.9, since you left the pavement, you'll arrive at the large farm complex of Rod Livingston.

We talked to Rod for quite awhile in his garage out of the cold wind. He was very inquisitive about the hobby and appeared apprehensive about letting us go up the Wells areas located up above his house. After talking for about 10, or so, minutes he finally gave us permission for us to go.

From where you parked in front of his house just keep the odometer rolling and stay on the driveway path as it heads southward a bit passing barn(s) and then gains elevation in the hills above the house. At mile 4.5 this dirt road crests and you'll notice a lesser dirt road branching off and heading northward towards a communications tower. We drove up this lesser road a bit and then parked.

From where you park it is a short stroll to the top of the highest bump in the area just to the northwest. You would think this is the highest but the fact of the matter is that you're still in Kidder County at this point. The smaller bumps to the north of you are the points you want to get to. We backtracked a bit off of the bump we were just on and then descended about 50 feet to a saddle that marked the Wells/Kidder County Line and then on up the southern most bump and then over a short ways to the northern. All this is roughly about 1/4 mile one way.

On the way out we stopped and talked to the owner once again giving him our Topo map as a way of saying thanks. He started to question me if we had really hit the HP areas at this point. I assured him all was good and off we went, him still skeptical. The Kidder County HP is close by to the south.