Antelope County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas - one with BM 2173 (2,170+ ft)

Date: September 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

There are three areas in the southwest corner of this county to check out. I went to the northwestern one first (the BM) in Section 7. Start at the intersection of NE-14 and US-275 in the town of Neligh, NE and zero your odometer.

0.0   NE-14 at US-275 - Go south on NE-14.

10.9   NE-70 in Elgin - Turn right (west).
20.6   Park Road (unsigned) - There is a sign here for the Park Congregational
          U.C.C. Church pointing south for 1/2 mile. Turn left (south).
21.0   Church on the right, cemetery on the left - Continue straight ahead (south).
21.6   Dirt track on the right - Turn right (west). This track is in pretty bad shape.
22.1   House on the right - Park.

With permission, hike 0.2 mile north to BM 2173 for area #1. Return to your vehicle and go back to Park Road.

22.7   Park Road - Turn right (south). I believe that
          the road now said 511 Avenue but I'm not sure.
23.6   837 Road - Road Closed sign - Park.
23.7   Area #2 is 0.2 to 0.4 mile from the vehicle to the northeast.
          Area #3 is 0.48 mile from the vehicle to the east-northeast.
          These are the points in Section 17.

I hiked east along the closed track for 0.2 mile, then headed north about the same distance to the highest land in Area #2. I explored a little north and south in the elongated contour. Pretty indistinct. I then headed northeast through a minor saddle and south a ways to the highest point, stepping on every clump of dirt that could be the top.

I returned through the saddle and headed south to intercept the track, following it out to my vehicle. The harvested cornfields allowed me to roam around for about 45 minutes. If these fields were planted in corn, this could be a bear.