Blaine County High Point Trip Report

three small areas (2,940+ ft)

Date: July 19, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

From the intersection of State Routes 2 and 91 north of Dunning, head northeast on Route 91 for 4.25 miles to a dirt road and cattle guard on the left. Zero out your odometer as you turn left and follow this dirt road west and north.

0.0 Route 91
0.2 A road goes left, but stay to the right
0.9 Cross cattle guard, go uphill
1.6 Cross second cattle guard, road now heading northwest
2.2 At the junction, the main road bends north, keep right and go north
2.8 Junction with a road going west. Turn left and go west
3.8 Cattle guard and "No Hunting" sign
4.2 Park near the crest in the road. The high points are about 0.7 mile northeast in the pasture.

It would be a good idea to check with the owner, Kurt Saner for permission before starting this hike, since he lives at the ranch just 0.4 mile west of where you'll park your vehicle. I hiked northeast about 0.7 mile, crossing two fences as I worked my way up and across the ridges. The second fence (north-south) is the dividing line between sections 2 and 3. The highpoints are pretty obvious, and are all just east of the section fence, but they don't quite jive with the topo map. The more southerly area hand-levels lower than the northern spots, and is separated from them by a fence running east-west. There appear to be three separate areas to the north, not two as shown on the topo. I believe the middle area to the north is actually the highest. The topo seems to show a depression here, but it's really a rise! Bring your hand-level and have a good time making your own comparisons.