Chase County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 2004
Author: Scott Surgent

I used James Wedekind's trip report as a guide, but ended up hiking in from the north-northeast. From the intersection of Avenue 312 (north-south) and RD 739 (east-west), I went south on a 2-track on Avenue 312 about 0.5 mile, passing an opening at a fence line and parked at the far edge of a plowed field.

The roads shown on the map south of here seem to have been plowed. I hiked by sight south then southwest toward the obvious big hill. The power lines work well as a reference. I passed three fences along the way, and found BM Lamar with no difficulty.

Round trip was 3 miles and about 200 feet of gain amid open scrubby land. No restrictive signs anywhere.