Cheyenne County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 27, 2001
Author: Mike Schwartz

Thanks to Bob Martin, who reconstructed some good directions from old trip notes. From Lorenzo on NE 19, go west on Road 8, 14 1/2 miles to a left (south) onto Road 75. Go south 3 miles to the state line at a 45 degree jog and zero the odometer. Continue south into Colorado on what is now Road 25 for 0.6 mile, then go right (west) on Road 78. Take this west another two miles and park opposite Road 21, where a track road heads north. This road is lightly posted.

Walk/drive north to the state line, where the road peters out. Jog right along the fence line, then walk north along the fence line on the Kimball/Cheyenne line. Highest ground is a bit north of where the north-south fence line jogs slightly. Look for a tipped-over concrete boundary marker where the fence jogs.