Dawes County High Point Trip Report

Pine Ridge

Date: June 16, 2001
Author: John Mitchler

This is a fairly hilly ridge with an open pine tree forest in the great cattle country of the northern Panhandle of Nebraska. The HP is just off a county road and, unfortunately, requires a 20 mile approach drive on gravel roads.

Direction: From the intersection of US20 and NE71 in Crawford, zero the odometer and head south on NE71. At mile 9.3, turn right (west) on rough gravel road on West Belmont Road. Pass Deadman Creek Road at mile 12.3 but stay left (south) on W. Belmont. At mile 14.5 pass Diehl Road on the left but stay right (west) on W. Belmont. Look for 3 squat radio towers across the valley to the northwest. At mile 17, watch for an unmarked gravel road on the right (north) near mailboxes for Mansfield and Hart. Take this road for 0.8 miles and park at the radio towers. The HP is the hill farther out in the cow pasture with the telephone pole on it. The hill along the road is not higher per hand leveling. The hill to the south along the road is not the HP either per leveling. The hill one-quarter mile to the east looks high but is not the HP per hand leveling.

We left this HP and headed south as follows. Zero the odometer at the intersection of the unmarked radio tower road and W. Belmont Road, and drive east on W. Belmont Road. At mile 2.1 at the intersection of West Belmont Road and Diehl Road (east of the HP), go south on Diehl Road which is a nicer gravel road than the rock strewn W. Belmont. At mile 7.9 go east on River Road. Go 12.5 miles to NE71 and enjoy the conversion from gravel to pavement. At mile 20.4 come to the intersection of NE71 and NE2. To reach the HP from the south, reverse these directions.

Mitchler Rating: C+ (one area determined, trivial gain, lots of gravel road with only average views)