Dawson County Highpoint Trip Report

five areas (2,980+ ft)

Date: August 11, 2004
Author: Bob Schwab

From Exit 211 on I-80 (just south of Gothenburg), drive south on Route 47 for 9.6 miles to Road 755. Turn right and drive southwest and then west for 2.4 miles to Road 409. Turn right on Road 409 and drive north 0.5 mile to a ranch on your left. I met Mr. Lehman here, who gave me permission to visit the highpoints which are located on his ranch. With permission, continue north on Road 409, which quickly deteriorates into a farm track after it passes Mr. Lehman's ranch. I drove about 1 mile farther north (through two gates) and parked.

From here, find a path of sorts that continues northwest, then north, following the ridge all the way to the top, which is a very broad and quite flat pasture. The southern contour is definitely the highest of the four areas which continue along this ridge for almost 0.5 mile.

To visit the fifth area, I returned to where I parked (just beyond the second gate) and took the path which bends east and drops down into the ravine. Cross the ravine and climb up the ridge to the east. Stay on the ridge as it goes north and then bends sharply east. From here, I followed a narrow ridge north about 0.3 mile to the fifth spot, which is tiny and definitely lower than the large area on the western ridge. Make sure you've got your GPS readings written down, so you know whether you're in the right place.