Dixon County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 26, 1996
Author: David Olson

I had more problems with unplowed "minimum maintenance" roads. From the corner of US 20 and NE 116 go north 1 mile, then 1 mile east. The HP is northeast of the road junction and northwest of the corn cribs, on the hill behind a farm. There is a wood-lot north of the farm when hiking to the 1,640+ foot HP.

Addendum: In mid-December 2014 nine more 1,640+ foot highpoint areas were found. For the first two, southernmost of the nine, drive 7.5 miles north from the above, turn left and go 2/3rd mile west. The two areas are south of the road.

None of the nine new areas have been visited as of December 19, 2014.