Furnas County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 26, 2000
Author: John Mitchler

SW part of NE near KS state line, 4m west & 4m north of Wilsonville near NE 47. This HP is a fairly distinct rise on a southwest-northeast trending ridge. The ridge is heavily dissected by north-south drainages.

From the intersection of NE 47 and NE 89, go north four miles on NE 47 and turn left (west) onto a gravel country road. Go one mile, turn left (south) onto another CR and go 1 mile before turning right (west) onto a narrow country road. I drove about a quarter mile before stopping. The HP lies due north on a rise that is terraced for farming.

Special Note: the narrow county road is not on the topo map and the state highway, NE 47, is mislabeled. Instead of being on the east side of section 21 at the lower edge of the topo, it should be near the road in the east side of section 20 at the lower edge of the topo. Who do I contact to correct this?

Mitchler rating: C (1 area, minor gain near road, unposted farmland)