Furnas County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 7, 2004
Author: Bill Schuler

This note supplements John Mitchler's fine report.

The road west of NE 47 is Road 713, 4 miles north of NE 89 and 8.5 miles south of US 34/US 6 in Cambridge. Go 1 mile on Road 713 to Road 409. Turn left (south) on Road 409. Go 1 mile to the road with no name. Turn right (west). Go 0.3 mile to the crest in the road. Hike north about 0.4 mile.

John is correct in saying that NE 47 is 1 mile west of where it shows on the Wilsonville NW topographic quad map. I would guess that future changes to the map would be from the "Board of Geographical Names" after making a decision based on facts submitted to them.