Garden County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 17, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

There are 2 areas, both on Alkali Lake Quad. I drove to Oshkosh, NE, then N and E on single lane rough paved road (section of dirt in the middle) and parked at 3910 saddle just S of UN 4170S (in section 8) and hiked up that. Then 6.6 miles further N on the road I found a set of tracks going W and S to Longfellow Lake from which I climbed UN 4170N (in section 28).

UN 4170S is S of Alkali Lake and UN 4170N is N of Alkali Lake. For UN 4170N I had to wade across an E extension of Longfellow Lake which has a very distinctive profile. I saw cattle, deer, white pelicans, great blue heron, views of Sand Hills and many lakes.

Here are directions from NE route 2. At 0.2 miles E of Grand-Sheridan County line where a sign says "Rex Ranch" turn S and go 5.3 miles to turn right on the tracks to Longfellow Lake. Turn is after a small lake on the right, but before 2 trees on the left. Go in 1.8 miles. Back on the road go 6.6 miles S to the 3910 pass.

Trip statistics: hours, miles, elevation gain in feet = (1.75, 3, 560)