Gosper County High Point Trip Report

two areas (2,760+ ft)

Date: May 19, 2003
Authors: Bob Martin and Art Tauchen

All the land around these areas is owned by Doug Gruver and is heavily posted. Doug lives in Cozad and has an office near Elwood. Permission should be obtained from him.

Actually, there is a third area on my topo in section 33, north of the 2 areas in section 4. However, this high area has been completely removed and the area there is flat as a pancake. How did Andy Martin know to leave this area out of the book? Amazing, isn't he?

We parked on the south side of NE23 at some small buildings and equipment on the ridge north of the high areas. This is about 5 miles west of Elwood. It's a pleasant walk a mile south along the ridge in pasture to the 2 hp areas.