Harlan County Highpoint Trip Report

one area on Atlanta Quad - Section 12 - E 1/4 of SW 1/4 (2,380+ ft)

Date: September 23, 2006
Author: Bill Schuler

"B" Road at the flashing light in Wilcox, NE zero odometer.

0.0   "B" Road at flashing light - go west on "B" Road.

0.3   "Y" in road - keep right onto Polyline Road (northwest).

10.9   US 6/34 junction - turn left (west) onto US 6/34.

17.9   US 183 junction in Holdrege - go straight ahead (southwest). This is an alternate start point.

26.7   "I" Road at South edge of Atlanta - turn left, cross the railroad tracks, and continue straight ahead (south).

27.7   726 Road junction - turn left (east) on 726 Road.

30.6   "L" Road junction - keep right on "L"/726 Road (east).

31.4   Prairie Road junction - continue straight ahead (east).

31.5   "L" Road junction - turn Right (south) on "L" Road.

32.4   725 Road junction - continue straight ahead (south).

33.1   High point is 0.65 mile due west of here (alternate hiking route for low clearance vehicles) - continue straight ahead.

33.4   Dirt road junction - turn right (west) - Stay right at a "Y".

33.8   Shed - Park here.

Hiked less than 0.3 mile north through a fallow wheat field. Quartered a bit. Return to Holdrege.