Hayes County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (3,420+ ft)

Date: July 16, 2004
Author: Bob Schwab

I scouted this one a year ago when I did the southern areas in Lincoln County. Terry Morehead (owner of the southern Lincoln County areas) told me that the Hayes County owner could be hard to find and that he might be hesitant to allow visitors onto his property. So, this year I made a real effort to meet the owner. His name is Les Vapenik and both he and his wife were very hospitable to me. He took time to accompany me to the highpoint area and told me stories about the original settlers and pointed out a spot where they had made a "dug-out" on his property (they dug a hole/cavity into the hillside and lived in it!). He is concerned about people on his property so I strongly urge future visitors to find him and get his permission.

To get to his house, start at Grainton, on Route 23 and drive south 8.7 miles to the county line (the road kinks here). Turn left and go east 2 miles, then south 2 miles, then east 1 mile, then south 0.4 mile to Mr. Vapenik's home. He will tell you (or show you) how he would prefer that you approach the highpoint area (which has a very nice view).