Hitchcock County High Point Trip Report

Broad Rise

Date: March 26, 2000
Author: John Mitchler

SW part of NE near KS state line, 3 miles west of a nice road called Veterans Memorial Highway that extends south from Stratton (along the Republican River). You can actually see the rise of this HP!

Take the highway south out of Stratton to the KS-NE line at which point it turns right (west). Go 3.5 miles due west (don't turn left/south after one mile) until the road bends left (southwest). Park. The rise is obvious and to the north towards a large metal shed.

The highest ground appears to be just south of the shed, a little less than a quarter mile from the county road. The structure on the topo is not the same one that exists today. The BM Powell could not be found. Only the orange warning marker could be located for the BM along the state line on the south edge of section 32.

The nearby town of Benkleman has a nice place to eat called "Mexican something-or-other" near the town pool. Check out their good Mexican-American food.

Mitchler rating: C- (1 area, minor gain near road, unposted farm)