Kearney County Highpoint Trip Report

one area on Wilcox Quad - Section 31 - SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 (2,280+ ft)

Date: September 23, 2006
Author: Bill Schuler

To approach from the south, see the Franklin County report for area #2. To approach from the north, begin in Wilcox, NE at the flashing light on "B" Road and zero odometer.

0.0   Flashing light at "B" Road in Wilcox - go east on "B" Road.

0.5   NE 44 junction - turn right (south) on NE 44.

1.5   "A" Road junction - turn right (west) on "A" Road - dirt.

2.3   Top of road - two grey silos on the right and a farmhouse on the left. Park. The high point is in or along the road on the north side. I roamed around a bit in case the road is not on the exact county line. Return to Wilcox.

Note: The area on the south side of the road is within the contour interval of one of the points in Franklin County. Don't miss it while you are here.