Keith County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 2, 2000
Author: John Mitchler

This HP is situated on a bluff edge on the south side, and west end, of giant Lake McConauhgy. It commands a view of the lake and valley and is easy to pick up when visiting the area.

To reach it from I-80, exit at Big Springs and go north out of town (US 138?) to US 30 where it ends. Pass over US 30 and take the county road north about 12 miles to US 26. Turn right (east) and watch for the Garden-Keith county line. From the county line watch for the 3 low squat radio towers after 1.2 miles. Park. David Olson has provided a write-up of this HP, but I'd like to add some hand-level observations. The highest spot is in section 28, in the crop field north of US 26. The very highest ground is right up against the cliff edge. This spot hand-levels higher, but not by much, with the other area in section 29, a quarter mile to the northwest. The radio towers to the south look as high and they hand-level high too.

I did not back-sight the radio towers back to either HP area and I wish I had. The next person there should do so. Perhaps the plowing of the field has reduced the surface elevation so much that another spot is higher, although I doubt the area to the northwest is it.