Knox County High Point Trip Report

19 areas (1,920+ ft)

Date: May 16, 2003
Authors: Bob Martin and Art Tauchen

Fifteen of the areas are in the eastern part of the county. From the junction of NE84 and NE121, drive south 3 miles and west 3/4 mile to the ranch home of Guy Anderson. You can get permission to visit part of section 15 and also find that several of the areas have been leveled by the Anderson home and buildings. Others are in cultivated fields, mostly in section 15. With permission, walk to the areas in this section. Several of the smaller contours have practically disappeared due to cultivation and erosion. None seem as high as the large contour in the northern part of the section. With permission, you can visit 3 areas in section 22 and one south of it from nearby roads.

For the 4 western areas, drive west from Verdigre 12 miles, south 2 miles and west 1.5 miles. Two of the areas are on either side of the road. Then drive back east 1.5 miles, north a mile, and east 0.3 mile. Section 16 is owned by Mr Marlow, and permission should be obtained from him. Walk or drive a field road south 0.3 mile to the hp. Approaching the other area from the west gives you a good walk. Continue east on the road north of section 16 a few tenths to where the road is closed. Walk east, north, and east along the closed road, leaving the road shortly after it turns east, and walk north to the obvious hp.