Lincoln County High Point Trip Report

six areas (3,410+ ft)

Date: May 21, 2003
Authors: Bob Martin and Art Tauchen

Five of the areas are in the extreme southwest corner of the county and the other is in the northwest corner. For the ones in the southwest corner, from Grainton on NE23, drive south 9 miles to the Perkins-Hayes county line. Turn left and drive east 2 miles to the Lincoln county line, turn left again and drive north almost a half mile to a ranch house on the right. Here meet a recently widowed lady who will enjoy conversation with you. All five areas are in pasture on her property. With permission, walk east up the hill to the areas on the ridge. We walked to all areas, though some might be eliminated with the level. The southern area seemed highest.

For the northern area, at Birdwood BM, drive north from Sutherland, which is near I80 exit 158. Follow a paved road that starts out as E County Road. In 13 miles, on the left, you pass the residence of a worker at the Harshfield Ranch, and at 15 miles you reach the ranch entrance. There's a faded sign: Harshfield Ranch. The entrance is through a rickety wire gate. Follow poor roads and tracks generally northwest to reach the ranch house. Here meet John and Cecelia Harshfield. John said his grandparents homesteaded the property in 1898. They were quite interested in the Birdwood BM since they had found a tablet set in concrete out on the ranch the day before. It proved to be the azimuth mark. We asked John how best to drive or walk to the BM, and John said just follow me. John, with his worker and several dogs, drove a series of tracks and then cross country to the top. Soon Cecelia followed with more dogs. We had 5 people and 5 dogs on the hp. We had such a lengthy discussion of BMs that it was only finally mentioned that this was one of the hps of the county.