Morrill County High Point Trip Report

nine areas (4,600+ ft)

Date: May 23, 2003
Authors: Bob Martin and Art Tauchen

These areas are on top of a long ridge, which is spectacular from below, with numerous cliffs, towers, and spires. It is well-posted, and we had difficulty in finding a suitable approach. We finally settled on an approach through the Flying Bee Beefmaster Ranch.

Their directions: Go 5 miles south of highway 92 at McGrew, NE, on county road 34. Turn east 1/2 mile on county road 42. The brown and white ranch buildings are located on the south side of the road. The ranch charges $10 per person for hiking. They provide a map, directions, and phone numbers of neighbors if you plan to hike beyond the ranch and want to call and ask permission.

From a half mile east of the ranch buildings, we were able to drive almost a mile south to a cabin on good road, and then 2 miles farther south on a grassy track. From here it was a stiff climb to the top of the ridge, and then surprisingly flat and rolling grassland. An old track leads along the ridge top. Walking east, you first reach the 2 areas near the county line. The southwestern one is higher. It's about a mile walk farther east to the group of other 7 areas. The 2 larger ones appeared to be higher. Several of the smaller ones can be eliminated with the level.