Perkins County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 2004
Author: Scott Surgent

There is no report on cohp for this county. Four flat areas measuring 3,645+ feet are on or beside a county road along the CO/NE state line.

In Venango, proceed west to a turn in the main highway - go north. The paved road then swings west again, heading for Sedgwick. Continue north along the gravel/hard-pack road. The first area, with BM "Line", is about 6.1 miles past the end of the pavement. I found no BM.

Two more areas are found at about 12.2 miles, east in plowed fields.

A final area is at about 14.7 miles, again in the field.

Very flat, hard to tell anything. Very unremarkable. Should be a Kansas county.