Perkins County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 23, 2007
Authors: Dave Covill and Adam Helman

These four contours lie in very flat terrain near the Colorado state line. Perkins CR 310 defines this boundary; known as "CR 63.2" in Colorado.

The directions in Scott Surgent's report using a southern approach are quite accurate; and we apologize for not having accurate mileages from the northern direction.

The following directions are probably not the most efficient means of getting to this road; yet are included for completeness.

From Exit 107 along Interstate 80 drive south along Deuel County, Nebraska CR 209. After 1.0 mile the pavement ends, and the now gravel road turns left (east) after 2.1 additional miles (a total of 3.1 miles). This eastward-bound road is CR 2, and defines the Deuel County, Nebraska / Sedgwick County, Colorado boundary.

Drive east on CR2 roughly one-half mile to Sedgwick CR 61.5. Drive south on CR 61.5, turning east as soon as possible on whatever Sedgwick County road is available. Continue east until the state line as CR 63.2 / CR 310. This is a good gravel road.

The following GPS-derived UTM coordinates (NAD27 datum) aid in locating the four contours.

The northern and central contours are separated by 2.5 road miles along CR 310;
the central and southern contours by 6.1 road miles.

It is not possible to determine which of these contours is highest. Thus all four should be visited, with the possible exception that the northern of the middle pair may be skipped.

The topo map will assist in pinpointing your location as you drive south along the state line road CR 310.

Cornfields predominate; it was extremely muddy on our visit, and the best time to visit might be winter - but only during freezing conditions.

Plan upon two hours for all the driving and walking.