Polk County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas (1,780+ feet)

Date: September 26, 2008
Author: Bill Schuler

Clarks Quad - sections 31, 32 and 6
Coleman Atlas page 64-A4

At the junction of US-30 and 25th Road just northeast of the town of Clarks, zero your odometer.

0.0   US-30 and 25th Road – Go south on the dirt 25th Road.
0.8   Dirt becomes pavement – Continue straight ahead.
2.0   NE-92 – Turn left (east).
4.4   CR-C – Turn right (south).
7.4   CR-127 – Turn right on dirt (west).
8.4   CR-B – Junction containing BM 1763. The high points are southwest,
        northwest and northeast from here – Turn left (south).
8.7   Park.

Just past a farmhouse, Area #1 is in a wheat field to the right (west) about 0.25 mile away. I got permission, hopped the fence and bagged it. Back at your car, turn around and return to the CR-127/CR-B junction (north).

9.0   Junction – Turn left (west) on CR-127.
9.2   Park.

I hiked 0.2 mile right (north) through a bean field to Area #2 and back the same way. Return to the CR-127/CR-B junction (east).

9.4   Junction – Turn left (north) on CR-B.
9.6   Park.

Area #3 is to the right (east). Hike only 0.1 mile east. I hopped a low fence and walked through another bean field. That’s it. Claim the county. I felt lucky, finding wheat and beans. The whole area was 90% planted in corn.