Red Willow County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 26, 2000
Author: John Mitchler

SW part of NE near the KS state line, five miles east of NE 17, about ten miles southwest of McCook (along the Republican River).

Yikes! Get maps to help you find this one! Make sure you have topo coverage from NE 17 east to the HP (McCook SW topo and the topo west of it). A DeLorme will do.

The HP is on the same ridge system as nearby Furnas Co. (25 miles east). It is south of a T intersection of two county roads, out in a hay field. The gain is trivial. Run out to the first power line pole and you should have it covered. The topo does not show that there's a BM on the south side of the road near the HP.

The BM reads "1935 Modrell 1977" which I assume are installation dates of BM's at this location. The cement block of the 1935 BM is laying next to the 1977 BM. Note the huge power lines a quarter mile to the west of the HP. The topo shows Devils Gap School near the center of section 29, however, no sign of that structure remains. Was it removed when the power lines were put in? I hope it was hauled away to some park.

Mitchler rating: C (1 area, trivial gain near road, unposted farm)