Richardson County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 27, 2001
Authors: Bob Martin and Art Tauchen

Approach these 4 areas on the state line on good roads from either the north or south. From Sabetha, Kansas, at the junction of US 75 and KS 246, drive 1 mile west, 0.6 mile north, 2 miles west, 3 miles north, 2 miles west, and 3 miles north to the state line. From the junction of US 75 and NE 8, drive 3 miles west, 2 miles south, a long mile west, a mile south, jog east, and another mile south to the state line. The road then jogs east along the state line and turns south into Kansas.

Three of the highpoint areas are along the short stretch of road on the state line between where it goes north into NE and south into Kansas. The fourth area requires a little walking. From the corner where the road turns south into Kansas, walk east through grass land. Find the highpoint on the third ridge, about 0.4 mile from the road. It is near the Redwood BM which was placed in 1934.