Saline County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 11, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

From just south of the town of Geneva, Nebraska, find Route 41 and head east for 12 miles. About one mile past the town of Milligan, you will arrive at the county line. Turn right (south) on Road 25 (dirt) and proceed 2 miles to an intersection with Road P. Turn left (east) and go another 1.4 miles. You will find a large cornfield with a gentle rise off to the south. Pull off the road into the field access niche and hike carefully out into the field about 0.2 mile. I was fortunate that the corn was only up about 8 - 10 inches when I visited (they must have planted late this year) so it was still quite easy to determine the highest spots within the contour.

I thought the spot at (40.47936 deg N, 97.34225 deg W) looked as high as any.